Tableau Trainings

We offer a range of Tableau trainings specifically created for human services professionals - from beginners to advanced. Are you sick of going to Tableau trainings where they teach you how to calculate profit over time with the Super Store data set? Would you rather learn how to calculate how long someone has experienced homelessness? Then our trainings are for you. Learn how to analyze and visualize human-centric data with dummy data sets that actually replicate the Homeless Management Information System and other person-specific data sets you use in your day to day. You will leave with the skills and confidence to tackle these data sets on your own.

Tableau for Homeless Services

Tableau for Homeless Services I

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Tableau for Homeless Services II

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Tableau for homeless Services III

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Other Trainings

Advanced HMIS Data Analytics

Advanced Analytics with Tableau

Tableau for Data Transformation

Data Flow with Tableau Prep

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